Electroducer is a startup founded in 2018, its mission is to design, develop and market medical device to simplify and secure percutaneous cardiovascular interventions.

The company is based in Grenoble, a French Alps dynamic pole in the Medtech industry.

History of the company

It all started in 2011 with the experience of Dr Benjamin FAURIE, Interventional cardiologist at the Cardiovascular Institute of Grenoble, who during the first Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) interventions made the painful observation of a high number of fatal complications.
Complications not related to the prosthesis itself but rather to the accessories or the techniques for implanting them, for example the need to use a temporary pacing catheter to stun the heart or revive it during valve implantations. He then wanted to change that and thus created the technique of direct cardiac stimulation through the TAVR guidewire: the Direct Wire Pacing (DWP) technique which avoids the use of pacing catheter insertion and their complications.

Our vision

Electroducer aims to reach beyond boundaries to increase efficiency solutions to every patient in a minimally invasive and safe spirit. Electroducer develops a universal and users’-based strategy to offer solutions that will become a new standard for all interventional cardiac procedures requiring temporary pacing and be the market leader in this field.

Our mission

Electroducer mission is to improve current surgical treatments helping many patients as possible, particularly reducing complications during percutaneous cardiovascular interventions.
The company ambition is to develop medical devices integrating the minimalist approach to optimize percutaneous valve implantations (aortic) and complex coronary interventions allowing:

– Shortening procedures
– Reduction of radiation exposure
– Cost reduction
– Easy to operate for healthcare professionals
– More effective, more reliable and less invasive procedures
– Reduction of complication and convalescence time

Electroducer activities are guided by the challenging economic and regulatory context and by the founder’s vision focused on the patient and are supported by partnerships with internationally renowned experts, hospitals and industrial partners.

*PCI is only claimed for the European market

Electroducer Team

Benjamin Faurie Electroducer

Dr. Benjamin Faurie

KOL Interventionnal Cardiologist, Founder International Meetings (Radialpes & JIF CTO). Consultant & Proctor for CV Cies, Scientific board member of Incathlab (1st web cardiovascular channel), Lives cases, Registries & RCT PI

Alban Richard Eletroducer

Alban Richard

30 years work experience in large international companies and startups. Went from product innovation to startup creation and ww launch in USA and ASIA. Co-founder and president of UShareSoft SAS and Moonshot Labs, Board member of several startups

Lucien Goffart

Lucien Goffart

18 years work experience in large international companies (J&J, Abbott, Boston) and startups (Volcano, Stentys, Mitraglin). From sales to marketing positions and international level, Opsens Board member.

Jacques Seguin

Pr. Jacques Seguin

Pr. Séguin is a professor of cardiac surgery at Paris University and founder of several highly successful medical device companies including CoreValve (sold to Medtronic) and Recor (sold to Otsuka). In addition to being an MD, Dr. Séguin holds PhDs in Biochemistry and Medical History.

Marie-Claure Morice Eletroducer

Dr. Marie-Claude Morice

Worldwide renowned Interventionnal Cardiologist, > 350 Publications, CEO of European Center of CV Research (CERC).

Max Amor

Dr. Max Amor

KOL Interventionnal Cardiologist, Founder of several meetings & companies in CV field, CEO of Incathlab.

Luiza Morin

Luiza Morin

Pharm D with a master’s in quality, Luiza has international experience within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She worked in France as Quality Engineer and Clinical Evaluation Manager within global medical devices companies. Luiza is currently Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Manager.

Charline Petitdemange

Charline has a Master’s degree in Health engineering. For the last 4 years, she worked as Clinical Research Project Manager and Usability Engineer for the medical device industry. Charline is currently Product and Clinical Research Manager.

Alexia Chandosnay

Alexia has an engineering degree in Health Information Technology. She worked as Quality and Regulatory consultant for the medical device industry in the last 3 years. Alexia is currently Quality and Regulatory Affairs engineer.

Marion Petrizelli

Marion has a Master’s degree in science technology and health with a specialization in mechanical engineering. She worked as Project Manager for the medical device industry in the last 8 years. Marion is currently R&D and Project Manager.

Manuel Lanfossi

Over 30 years of experience in various senior financial functions with 20 years in diagnostics and medical devices. Manuel also held corporate functions, in business development and mergers and acquisitions.
A French – Italian binational, he is a graduate of EM Normandie and speaks fluent French, English, Italian and Spanish.

They support Electroducer

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The quality at Electroducer

01. Quality policy

We, at ELECTRODUCER Company, are committed to providing innovative, safe, high patient-value surgical solutions to optimize and enhance safety of percutaneous cardiovascular interventions. This will be accomplished through selection of high-quality suppliers to ensure the production of compliant products.

We maintain a constant focus on developing the Electroducer’s team potential and knowledge, ensuring the adequate renewal of competencies. Our team is composed by healthcare professionals in direct contact with the final customers and by employees with experience in the medical device field.

Our Quality system exists to deliver innovative products that meet customer and regulatory requirements, making these minimalist intervention solutions accessible to a wide number of patients.

This quality policy addresses quality in its most original sense, namely the degree of fulfillment of a product’s characteristic which meets the medical needs.

With our technology we are engaged:

  • For the patient (person requiring interventional procedures): to reduce pain, to reduce the complications and invasive nature of the procedures, to reduce the exposure to x-rays, to reduce the duration of the intervention and the hospitalization time.
  • For the users (interventional cardiologist, cardiac and vascular surgeons, nurses, radiological technicians): to reduce the occupational health risks related to x-rays exposure and lead apron wearing, to reduce the intervention duration and simply make it easier.
  • For the customers (health system/ health institutions): to reduce costs associated to the percutaneous cardiovascular interventions and to improve patient workflow and hospitalization duration.

Focused on the minimalist interventions, we intend to be one of the market leaders of this field.

02. Quality Management System of Electroducer

ISO 13485 Certificate
The Quality Management System of Electroducer was certified in January 2021.

What is ISO 13485 ?
ISO 13485 is the internationally recognized quality management systems standard for the medical device industry. ISO 13485 helps manufacturers of medical device to design quality management systems that establish and maintain the effectiveness of their processes. It ensures consistent design, development, production, installation and delivery of medical devices that are safe for their intended use.

Electroducer awards


Electroducer was runner-up in this 2024 edition for its conductive medical device in the field of interventional cardiology – Lyon, France April 3, 2024


Electroducer elected Start-up of the Year” by the French National Union of Medical Technologies (SNITEM)

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes support

SME support to comply with the new Medical Device Regulation – MDR 2017/745

I-Lab laureate – Bpifrance financement

The largest deep tech innovation competition in France

TCT shark Tank Innovation Award Competition Finalist

TCTMD is the most comprehensive on-line resource in interventional cardiology with access to world-class KOLs and experts!

ICI Innovation Award Competition Finalist

The ICI Innovation Award Competition is one of the world’s most significant and prestigious awards for Medical Interventions Startups.

Inovizi – Région Rhône Alpes

Rhône-Alpes Region support for the emergence of innovative companies.

Bourse French Tech – Bpifrance Financement

A tool for the development of innovative companies.